There it is, The Creeping Moral Decay of the Past Thousand Years

by Rose For Bohdan

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6th and final Rose For Bohdan album.


released April 5, 2009

recorded by IVOR
produced by Jonathan Snipes
mastered by Weasel Walters
art by Amanda Hendricks


all rights reserved



Deathbomb Arc Los Angeles, California

Genres unknown since '98.

clipping., JPEGMAFIA, Lana Del Rabies, Signor Benedick The Moor, True Neutral Crew, rRope, They Hate Change+++


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Track Name: Pocahontas' Boyfriend
i've been waiting
waiting for this
waiting for you
heaven's gate opens
i've been good, i've been bad
i've been so good
please open for me
they open for me
once i am inside
i find a rusted lock
on this golden gate
gotta get out
Track Name: Advice to Teens
everyone's going to school right now
except anyone that's cool
cool kids don't do motherfuckin' shit
except smoke
smoking's the motherfucking shit, bitch
and another thing that's cool is guns
its cool to go to school with a gun and rule
just walk up to your teacher and put a gun to his head
and say, "i'm in charge now and i look fucking good"
Track Name: Before the Bible
before the bible
i stood before the council of angels
and i said i want to plead my case
and they said ok, go ahead, tell
us what you want to say and when you're
done we will discuss it among each other,
our peers, our students, with those people above
and below, and we will decide based upon the things
you said, and based upon what all of us think, what your
judgment shall be.
and i said, "that sounds fair to me"
before the bible
i knew god
and i said, i know you'll be famous one day, so i hope
you'll still be my friend. and he said, ok. but now
whenever i see him he just looks the other way
and acts like he doesn't know me.
well, that seems fair to me.
Track Name: Go to Your Grave
i'm the asshole? well you're the fucking asshole!
i'm not the one sitting around watching cable television all day
no i'm not paying no television bill. you're the one who watches it!
i just see you sitting there and i'm like i'll never be that guy,
you're a jerk, i can't understand. why would you want to do these things?
just sitting around!
well i know where you're gonna go
you're gonna go to your grave
Track Name: I'm Not Racist
i'm not racist
you're not racist
no one is racist
no one in the world has ever been racist
oh you think you're so smart
well, i saw my friend beat up by a hasidic jew
and not once did i think that's strange
cuz jews, if they want to be bad boys,
they can beat up whoever they want.
that would be pretty racist of me to think they
will do whatever the bible says
don't say anything about his receding hairline
Track Name: Red Cross
i'm the mortherfucking red cross
i'm your welfare agent, i won't believe any stories you tell
we've been living in a hospital
you've been living in a hospital
Track Name: Insideterior
i thought i said go to sleep.
alright, heres is another idea.
let's have a dance like the jrn. high ones at the Y
stupid, i said, that's a stupid idea
then she looked at me, meanly
Track Name: Boy Heaven
this is a song for little boys
they're going to college, they got big ideas
this is a song for guys like us
we want little boys
who wants to fuck?
Track Name: Stupid Parents
when you're gone we'll take everything
live like kings in a big big house
big big pool, its so nice
Track Name: Bike Song
you ride my bike, i ride your bike
let's ride our bikes
we'll ride them all nigh
Track Name: Grizzly Bear
once outside my mind i found myself so terrified
i just wanted to hide, i ran into a cave where i
fell asleep for years and snored just like a grizzly bear
the sound filled you with fear
now you're the one who is terrified
i won't cry, i won't cry
i refuse to be so terrified
Track Name: Ghost of God
i fell through the hair of the world
and landed in a nest soaked in the semen
of a thousand vampire gods
and in the center was an egg that had emerged from the ass of a
drunken filthy bum
then an angel came by and devoured us all with its
with its vagina hose it sang
it sang the words that allowed us to enter a chamber of absolute purity
in that chamber i saw into the hearts of all men
and learned the names of all the angels
which spoken in succession is the name of God;
and at that moment the shit egg hatched
and the demon inserted his hand through my skull
and put a single finger into each of my eyes.
so with all the the power of heaven
and all the desires of hell
i prepare for battle
against the world from which i fell
so don't fuck with me because
i know the name of god.
praise be to the ship that sank
and lost our minds
the wording of the contract is how we lead our lives
up in smoke and down with god
we drink blood from our cunts and shine

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