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New Age Baby Faced Wisdom

by Hareld

Is that it? PART 1: Man, let’s get in some swell shit, like we was wearing velvet, Touched if I ever felt it -- crushed if I ever felt it, Such a buzz kill, I can’t help it, can’t help it, Like I brought you ice cream but it melted, it melted, These best laid plans -- built on pretty broken bricks, From pits- of a flawed mind -- they’re generally pretty shit. Why I’m floating on this river, drinking brews but it’s the styx, Made the mistake of rocking shades, can’t see shit, but I look slick, Stranger in my own room, even stranger in my own view, It’s the only room I been to, so I can’t queue for a new view, Tourist on a booze cruise, speaking real bleak on a bluetooth, Collection of internet news, I don’t know truth, I reproduce views, Product of my environment -- where you can’t breathe like you used to, Speaking in a crowd -- where most of them still preaching voodoo, Hotter than hell out here -- son it’s boiling in that big blue. Give me that mercury–-- boy put that in my fish food, Think I’ll get my own brood -- teach these needy children, Talk to them on their cells -- from the cell I made in prison, Learn them so very well – about all my best decisions, Doubt that they’ll ever tell – That I’m some crusty gremlin, --Brush off my picture book, covered by dust and crimson, Here’s me sitting round on weekends, that’s me-splashing in the deep end, I can’t swim, I can’t swim, I’m a loose end, I’m a loose end, Toes dipped in, it’s dipped in, I’m drowning, I’m drowning, But see you must dive in -- only forward, no rewind, Like trying to learn new words -- saying “Doesn’t this remind…” Like saying “look here’s a circle” –- while drawing a straight line, There might be only dust -- down that coal shaft of the mind, That there’s very few gems –- just waiting to be refined, When you think you’ve found Nirvana – you’ll have to say never mind, Your thoughts have been discovered -- you’re already steps behind, But watch me do it nonetheless -- I love to paint while I’m blind. PART 2: Tale of a dreamer who just can’t let his dreams go, How I feel foolish on the days when I look old, Is the water getting warmer or am I just getting cold? Is there really a story to tell, or is it just what we’re told, Because every story is a legend, Like how all dogs go to heaven, Christmas presents when you’re seven, It is merely a collection, Of thoughts and ideas you should hope are ever present, As you rest deep in the ground they might be your only remnant, Every story is a legend, It is merely recollection, Of memories passed down from some reptilian descendant, The brain of a lizard that was crawling through the dirt, Along its belly on all fours before I ever stepped foot on Earth, I am a shrine, a walking spine from a time when people hurt, When they looked up at the sky and asked an eye to make it short, In a pact with living things in some never-ending war – as life it must remain because it is our only choice, --- But in on in, into this lake I swim, And it’s a bit strange how a sense clings to a when, Like the water feels the same as a did back then, like the water couldn’t change because it’s a part of all men, Lost and adrift, such a beautiful collection, like recollection of our thoughts a life story is reflection – like the image I see now comprised of water and conjecture, how I’m standing in a stream and still it flows in no direction, --- So look at me - I’m wise, I have gray hairs, A world full of children, because parents they don’t live here, --We got upstairs -climbed up an old wooden desk chair, Where we can either fall or reach for the light that we see there, Few minutes without a chorus, to explain a life story, And it’s not much one, guess that’s why we lie about glory, Why we dig in those heels in the face of all warnings, Because you’re looking at fools who’ve always believed in the morning, --- Oh sunny days, Oh sunny days, A happy face, Way we ride through town like we had a Rolls Royce 08, Way we slide through the streets like how we slip into past days, Way we miss every turn and then get trapped in some old maze, And see - that’s just it, we’re still stuck in a past daze, like we’re there and not here, so we’re just lost either way, like we’re here and not there so we’re confused in our ways… And as the words spill out it’s such a hard turn to make, Like wait, that’s not me, I’m a poet, a prophet, I’m made, like how I’m such a great artist even though I’ve never been paid, How we stayed different but just for the same reasons, You are me and I’m some thing that you did for a weekend, a line in your mind that you think without speaking, A ship in the dark out of sight of a beacon, where passed in the night and missed the light we were seeking, If we don’t have each other then just what is the meaning? PART 3: You are now looking at a type of brand new American, A heretic, invariant, black sheep embarrassment, Poor as fuck that’s evident, 1.0 experiment, Don’t even know what I am, how am I gonna be arrogant? You think I’m just gonna sit here and act like I was heaven sent? I’ve known since I was 10 what my least favorite parent meant, Apparently, people don’t like me hysterical, Too bad I’m foaming at the mouth, because this time I think it merits it, In the face of new waves, man, I feel like a Viking, Like I see very few people that are worth liking, And here’s what’s frightening, I speak very nicely, So you’ll won't see it coming when I rip out your IV, Seems like I might hate nearly everyone I see, But then maybe I’m just kidding and that’s just me being me. Why would it even matter -- when there's so much on our screens? Why does it even matter when we have brain-filled tvs? Cause it’s the 2050 season -- of Artificial Iverson, Crossing MJ’s hologram, he’s wet and dishes dimes again, 30 years from now -- only watching light, Invested in lives of lasers who perform for us at night, Seated by an usher -- who will ask so very kind, Please take a seat -- down inside your own mind, Make yourself at home -- please relax, please recline, In this room with no doors, no space, no time, Where the next sentence is true, and the last sentence was false, Nothing ever happens here, where blood covers the walls, It’s a never-ending sphere, that is somehow filled with halls, The space between your ears, a byzantine crystal ball, So it’s all fine and dandy if you feel a little lost, It can’t be any more clear, to see it clearly is paradox, So it’s new age, baby faced - in some ways learning to crawl, And I smartly include wisdom because there’s none of that at all.
Part 1: Last night (that last night), when you called my name, Words left (the words left), but the thoughts remained, Rearranged (how they renamed), they evolved and changed, A hidden strain (that single strain), running through my veins, The truth came (that truth came), it remained like stains, Truth is (truth gets) introduced like names, How it rang (oh how it rang), a brand new refrain, Where there’s no way (no way) from the way you came. Seems I meet (those city streets) that go nowhere, Arrive at spots, (yeah just to swear) that I’ve been there, What gets said (there in that head) wrapped in dead hair, What sinks in (there in that skin) in that night air, A thousand yards (right through the dark) with a deep stare, Known unknown (a sight unshone) sectioned by failed flares, A hidden code (that secret road) within our software, The words aren’t rare—whispered by the lips of every prayer. Part 2: Oh look at you, yes, you are my professor, So technical – way you’re positioned on that dresser, I am mess--a thought I must confess-uh, But under pressure – I’ll disguise it as a blessing, Here’s a question – why you actin like a weapon? I am afraid, I am scared of your direction, You are a stage, is your smile just a reflection? Your wicked ways – now see you’ve got my attention, But without mention – you burn out, a trace of smoke, Tell me where you are – please tell me where you go, Your eyes are barred – and your mind is so remote, You speak in waves – on channels I don’t know, The frequency - of a lost phone that has roamed, Tell me who you are, because I’m not sure if you know, Picture you so far, in the places I can’t go, See that you’re a star, that you’ve lit some better home, Part 3: Just trace it back... Trace it back, trace it back, what’s that standing in the corner? How it’s there, so very close, but always hidden, always foreign, And when it moves it seems a threat, catches my eye without a warning, --- So confused as it gets warmer, has no clue it’s with you cause it’s poorer. --- It has no place to go, no place like home, in ways it’s (always) roaming To take new hosts and hold them close as they live a life unknowing, --- Infectious steps, look how they crept, eras have not changed the way we breathe, (Those staggered breaths they almost brought us to our knees) Still to our depths, in staggered breaths, where lungs, they met some old disease, (Look how we crept and pulled ourselves up and out of seas) --- Do you remember me? I see you everywhere I go. Do you remember me? Because you’re the only one I’ve shown, It seems that something’s made its way inside our only home, (And it seems that it might stay, that it will never really go), But don’t you see, because of rain, the best things can now grow, And that they can reach new heights even starting very low, --- This ancient bug, it came and hugged and brought with it the weeds, That tangled thick, a thorny prick, and grew our ending from a seed, Still infected, time has tested out this old and ancient thing, (A cycle rolling on, just like the turning of the seas) Unbroken, shorn, just in varying degrees, --- Do you remember me? I see you everywhere I go. Do you remember me? Because you’re the only one I’ve shown, --- This winters cold, the nights are old, we were smart to build a shelter, A tiny place of time and space, where we maybe could make things better, (That’s when you’ll know, you’ve built a home, and you can call yourself a settler), --- (Do you want to stay here? Do you want to stay here?) (Do you want to stay here? Do you want to stay here?) I used to be afraid to settle, but with you I am just settled, I used to be afraid to settle but with you I am just settled, I used to be afraid to settle but with you I am just settled, You saw it in the corner, you didn’t run, you stayed, you fought, you weathered, And you may never win, cause there’s no win, cause there’s no win, But how would I know that when you’re better? How would I know that when you’re better? (How will I know that when you’re better?) You are my example, enduring sample of how I can be a helper. And you may never win, cause there’s no win, there’s no win But how would I know that when you’re better? How would I know that when you’re better? (How will I know that when you’re better?) I used to be afraid to settle, but with you I am just settled, I used to be afraid to settle, but with you I am just settled, I used to be afraid to settle, but with you I am just settled.
PART 1: Scream through nature, Red pencil on paper, Face you forgot like the back cover of Fader, That place you lost, wrong turns make you a taker, It’s hard to spot – hidden among that vapor, But it hung, a voice you heard in a chamber, It pushed and shoved – and made it’s way out from strangers, On tips of tongues – whenever they wish for makers, Our minds among -- the portraits we make as painters, Alice in Wonderland, malice we understand, Sell, sell, that fairytale, lets push it like its contraband, See, it’s the hidden brand, hear it’s the silent hand, The promise land, where nothing promised ever makes you happy man, So the voice turns to an echo, Resounding, it never lets go, It’s sounding so instrumental, Grows fiery and elemental, Ground gets scorched, Footsteps grow coarse, And it comes no remorse, Tour de force of a pale horse. PART 2: There is a figment trapped inside your pigment, That pales in comparison to messages you're sending, You are a vision – You are a misprint, Distorted, extended, Dissident descendant. Watch your front. Watch your front. Eyes off the stunts. That witch don’t hunt. PART 3: We got bees in our mouths, p's in our vowels, These trees seize winds when we howl, Bend with a growl, We show teeth when we smile, “Stay for a while”, We dress well for the wild, foolish and styled, Say speak of the devil -- and he’ll appear, Like how I talk about me -- and I am always here, Like if my eyes got clear -- I ignored the veneer, I’d see maybe the truth is I’m right there in my mirror. That black mirror, apathetic and ever near, It can’t get anymore clear, I’m obsidian and a sneer, Like – look at me – I see the man of the year – Where every day’s my premier, Nothing matters I’m here! So when the trees catch fire and the Earth becomes a star, Here we are, yes we are, let us watch it from a far, Where we’re blind, intertwined in the heavens of our mind ​ ​ And we wind, lost in time, in a world of our design, PART 4: They say yes – amen -- beginning of the end, I’m a sin -- living sin -- like can we begin again? Where’ve I been? – Where’ve I been? – I close my eyes and count to ten, I pretend, I pretend --- I’m not some ghost of dust and wind, In my skin, floating lands, fragments in my oxygen, life that lives, trapped within, cages of my skeleton, --How is it then, whisperings, that no man is an island, When they speak, seek their hymns, of the magic in my limbs, How is it any different then – How is it any different then??? Living our lives on heads of pins, On pins and needles we suspend, These beliefs, that we seek -- the idea we might transcend, Like the sparks of early flint, I’m lit by thoughts of my coffin, Chain of islands will align and set my eyes to my limits, Where my sight will realize there is light there that can’t dim, Has a tint, so vibrant, lit by sights beyond its fringe, Move in close, knowing so, brinks are only horizons, The edge is only horizon… the edge is only horizon.
PART 1: Return of the great burnout, trailblazer of the scorched route, I’ve arrived to get the word out, although, I rarely am the truth, Filled with bad hellos, like “how’s it going, you seem good, And man, I would’ve come over and talked to you, I would And I should - but all you do – seems to go over, Where as I keep stumbling around, going down, and getting older, Shoulder’s higher than my shoulder, Of the elbow where my shirt’s ripped, from this morning where my foot tripped, and I fell in my apartment, N about that Snap that I sent, could you ignore the petty shit? Where I ginned up some interest while too drunk to know the words, And we can get inside my Civic with the cigarette burns, because the interior says a lot about me, I’ve learned,” The other night I Googled when will the sunrise, And you’ve been posting everyday of your child’s lives, And I’m wondering if like maybe they mind, But when you show me I just say they’re attractive. PART 2: Man, how I feel – I’ll just blame it on the weather, How I feel – just blame you when we’re together, How I feel – seeing something that seems better, How I feel – man, it’s written in the header, Where there is no penicillin, for feeling pinned to the ceiling, I get busy reeling, emo, like there’s no chance of healing Like I’m wounded cut and bleedin – probably what I needed, Because I stuck my hand and all my plans in drawers full of knives, Spent that time concealing -- I got bummed from what I seeing, ---Like aches don’t come included with a sharp set of eyes, Spy the world as running wild – when did I become a line? Here I am, here I am, a father without a child, I---can’t understand – that it’s been that way for miles, Why – tie your hands like you’re born ready to die—I’m-- A natural, natural born killer that’s me, Hardest one to kill has gotta be yourself see? But I’ve been doing that way back since 8.3.83 Date that’s on repeat - look how the stars lined up for me, Fluids fuckin with the past – a lost identity, Fluid friction with the facts – can’t see it separately, Been runnin from the blood – that feels good, It’s the only thing we’ve known, known, known since the flood, I can’t help it – I can’t help it, I get confused because I refuse to be my meanest yet, And watch it close around the edge like it was old vignettes, There’s not much new to find on dusty tapes and old cassettes, That beast has been around, what makes you think you’ll catch it quick? Like a cold in your bones, that can’t be caught, where you’re cold and build a fire, but soon you will be too hot, --Stuck between the future and everything you forgot, You were cold and built a fire, you were warm and now you’re not.
PART 1: Everything’s fine in your world – you moved from your home as a young one, Everything’s fine in your world – but I never knew that you had one… PART 2: At 16 I was full and empty, full of thoughts that would soon leave me, Same sounds I was used to hearing, would fade out and become a theory, Quiet light, a pinhole in history, a nice little look into a distant memory, Where the clock stops, but it won’t stop, it does not stop, and you could get unstuck thinking about the nearly, Age 30 - I am full and empty, full of thoughts that will soon leave me, Student with no one to teach me - pilgrim, what has that done really? 70 - I’ll be full and empty, full of thoughts that will soon leave me, An old house where the boards creaking, with closed doors, fewer points of entry, Trapped there, that’s when life get’s easy, and salted eyes keep your vision bleary, Where you won’t look, I cannot look, you just won’t look for fear there’s a mirror of you that’s been missing, PART 3: Age of 7, your girl got hit, ever heard of that? You think it’s _____, but boy just look at where you started at, There are some places, people go and there’s no coming back, Like they’re still here, but they’re not nearly who they started as, They have to find a way, to bite and scratch and claw and gnash, Just to make it back – to homes they always should have had, Put figures on the curb – their _____, they end up made for that, You have to help that cross, there’s safer streets to meet the past,
PART 1: Empty-hearted, I done parted with a real life, When it started all these markets looking real nice, Pixelated, exhilarating, how I look twice, All these visions, fractured prisms – shining like ice, Feels so good in my fool’s-fools paradise, A fool’s gold is never sold overprice, Head is spinning – I’m admitting – life is outta site, Beauty queens on my screen, but I’m alone right? PART 2: Paradise is nice this year, ay? Paradise take flight frontiers, Paradise think twice, no fear, Paradise is a lie, I hear. PART 3: Ready for a night, a moment that will never come, Heart, beat, and think – but never speak – a frozen hanging tongue, The glow is warm – I sleep, I dream of things I haven’t done, My body’s loose on legs that race from things they can’t outrun, Running wild, my drinking ways look how they weigh a ton, But still in drought, another thirst from this deserted son, Worst game I know -- but boy look how we’re having fun! You’d think I’d learn to quit -- but then how would I fill my lungs? PART 3: I see it in my dreams, it makes me feel a millionaire, With skin it fits, you see I’ve hid myself so very well, And it becomes so clear, how I am not from around here, As if you skinned a deer and found a human standing there, Whose breath was steam that billowed out, so hot in frigid air, Then lumbered off, like what you’d seen was just a fabric tear, A creature green in golden grass before it disappears, And last you catch a glimpse, a face of what you’ve always feared, --- It’s an old head, it’s an old head, think about it like I was an old head, Duly noted, duly noted, I am bottled water only moated, I am focus, I am focus, shattered liquid with a bit of hocus, I’m the hostess, with the most-ess, at a party every body ghosted. Out of tune and out of tokens, how this record player’s surely broken, I am bogus, I am bogus, everything I say is just a notion, Just a tourist, I am motion, Who’s been gifted point like some old shogun, Status-quoted, without voting, --It’s that what I get straight off the dome shit, If you came here for the right ways, Then you came to just the wrong place, You can tell that – I’m a liar – by my blue eyes and my white face, Apple pie left here on my plate, On my lips now – boy it tastes great, I’m embarrassed, I’m all red-faced, It’s a wish that’d give me place in my state. --- Try living in the fucking matrix, boy, Just that needle in a haystack joy, Same song since the day you was born, Looping like some crashing surf of waves on shore, Wonder why I’m getting wasted more? Try sleeping on a waste-filled floor, -- A mattress that your friend paid for, Feeling faker than a vape pen boy. Fingers cold on the concrete pour, Same business back in 54 Grandfather built after the war, That paved the way for you to feel so bored, This all I can touch right now? Only thing I feel when I lie down? Lost at sea, here, about to drown, With not another living soul around, Another 6 here below this ground, With my necklace on, my finest gown, How much compromise did I allow? That’s all I’ll ask when I lie down, That’s the selfish life, the selfish life, And I didn’t even do that shit right.
fall asleep 04:05
 Knock, knock, knock if you don’t exist, bloodied up your hand till it split and you’d broken it, Say hi to your pal, o.g. old red, protozoan friend, calling out those names that exist just cause you’ve spoken them, There it was, a tattered old ad, forgotten soon as they lowered it – a dying old fad forgotten as you were holding it, Across a bridge, one where you get lost as you go over it - there you are, amnesia park, arriving like you’d chosen it, PART 2: Look at me, I am a new person now, I got this house and this car that makes some very loud sounds, Wear this suit and this tie that I use to make the rounds, Where I smile like I’m helping while I burn it all down PART 3: Counting sheep – even while asleep – like just what makes you think, you’re not trapped in some mezzanine? Drawn by flashing lights that you’ve seen and a bright marquee – only to find out you’re a beam in like that other scene, Like please trust me I’ve seen – families live their lives in magazines – those photos that they see makes them think – “That’s really me?” Skenes with white teeth – their real smiles, have no need – eyes that are still – aren’t serene, as they may seem. PART 4: I’m an American in a routine, I’m an American in the routine, I’m an American in our favorite routine, For these Americans there’s only one routine, But they hear the truth, When it touches them.
PART 1: They set fire to the books of Alexandria – dark act that was seen from distant vantages, How ironic that the fire lit up the night sky – they’d never dim the words we use to ask why, Thought about it hanging out the other week, your eyes a blaze as you were walking next to me, Thought about what was – about an altered history – a place where things might’ve happened differently, The history of us was just the history of self - tales of how we suffered at the hands of someone else, Lines can change the story, rewrite other pages, I’ve seen you learn it can change you for the ages, But you can’t find the words – see that you’re frustrated, Why what I want - isn’t all that complicated, Like you could come over, and we just watch a movie maybe, Start an era where a little of the past has faded, All this time with my thoughts – where my head is, To learn I’m lost – don’t know where I’m headed, If we found an answer – I don’t know where we left it, But here we are – I can feel as all it lessens, And you get tired and rest your head to mine, I feel happy there’s not so much on your mind. And you got tired, rested your head to mine – felt good there wasn’t so much on your mind, PART 2: Because you’re something made of life, You’re something made of life Yeah you’re something made of life, You’re something made of life, Because you’re something made of life, You’re something made of life Yeah you’re something made of life, You’re something made of light, PART 3: You looked at me and explained one of your sweetest dreams, nothing was lost in the fire before your teens, That you really knew what a father’s hands should be -- But these things – oh these things – Could we just be a good end to bad means? Where we see – yeah we see -- Light at the end of a tunnel where we could meet, warm place where the real us could finally speak, When that day comes be glad to see that hot sun, it’s your eyes lit for reasons that you’re proud of, From the start – as we grew up – and made a home – and started us, And found ourselves with nothing in between – where rigid walls and buildings of concrete, Softened and curved and changed what we could see, a new view of a better way to be, But in the mean time, we have this little light divine, And we can let it shine, yeah we can let it shine, And maybe that’s enough – to carve out a peace of mind, In that heart of yours, in this heart of mine, If I do for you what feels a little bit like love… Yeah, if I could do for you what feels a little bit like love.


Angelic melodies, sheer textures, and a sense of calm carry Hareld's completely unique style of hip-hop. This is not the sort of murkiness of cloudrap. Rather, it calls back to early 90s forms such as PM Dawn and Basehead. Clear and clean, and unafraid to make stunning moves and changes. His compositions are magnificent and grand, rarely limiting themselves to short pop song structures, while still putting hooks and bars to fantastic use. You've never heard anything quite like this form of bliss.

Hareld appeared on the True Neutral Crew album 'soft rules' and on the 'EVIL II' compilation. This is his 2nd full length album, and first for Deathbomb Arc.

Comes with a lyrics document.


released October 7, 2016


all rights reserved



Deathbomb Arc Hawaii

Genres unknown since '98.


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